On own account:-)

Still looking for those 1/500 models in mint/boxed condition:

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!

5Stars Gulf Air A380 golden fuselage

5Stars Qatar A380 golden fuselage

Aero500 AC5076 Swiss International Airways 777-300ER – registration HB-JNA – 2016

Aeroclassics Hughes HK-1 Spruce Goose – re-release 2004 with new box and „The Aviator“ DVD

AeroLePlane Orbis DC-10 2016

Herpa 526876 Turkish Airlines A321-200 Euroleague NG6 (!)

Herpa 526814 Egypt Air A320-200 NG6 (!)

Herpa CX 777-300 Classic Wing (!) Asia ’s World City

Herpa Finnair Santa Claus MD-11 Herpa Cafe Box

Herpa JAL DC-6 with booklet and stand with imprint

Herpa Philippine Airlines Set 510134 747-400 + A340-300 – second release with stand

Herpa Qantas 707-300 V-Jet – model known from Advent calendar 2006, just new Herpa Cafe box

Hogan500 MM50002 Peach Aviation A320-200 – registration JA802P

Hogan500 MM50004 Peach Aviation A320-200 – registration JA807P

Hogan500 MM50005 Peach Aviation A320-200 – registration JA810P

Hogan500 Dragonair A330 10th Anniversary with stand – B-HWK

Hogan500 FedEx A310-200F by Lysia for FedEx HKG (without display stand) – not sure whether this one really exists?

Hogan500 Dragonair A330 Red Box by Lysia – not sure whether this one really exists?

Hogan500 CX 777-300ER – Livery Launch 2015 – special box, brochure, bag

H-T China Southern A340-300

H-T China Southwest A340-300 with box (creme/rosa)

H-T China Southwest 747-400


Lysia/Aero Le Plane (?) AeroLogic 777F – registration D-AALA

(pictures posted at www.wings900.com by hongkongplace)

NM EADS/Qantas A380-800 – new box

NM CX Cargo 707 chromed fuselage  

NM Northwest 707 chromed fuselage

NM Libyan 707 chromed fuselage

NM PIA 747-300 Lahore golden fuselage

Risesoon CAL50B744P01 China Airlines 747-400 – registration B-18201 (!) – with stand

Risesoon CAL50B744P02 China Airlines 747-400 Jimmy Love & Hug – registration B-18203 – CW (!) – with stand

Risesoon CAL50A333P?? China Airlines A330-300 – no registration – with stand – light blue box with window – CW

Risesoon CAL50A333P02 China Airlines A330-300 Butterfly Orchid – registration B-18305 – with stand – CW

Risesoon CAL50A333P03 China Airlines A330-300 Sweet (Taiwanese Fruits) – registration B-18311 (!) – with stand

Risesoon CAL50A333P06 China Airlines A330-300 „Welcome to Taiwan“ – registration B-18355 – with stand

Risesoon CAL50A343P01 ????

Risesoon CAL50A343P02 China Airlines A340-300 – „Official Airline for Climate Monitoring“ – registration B-18806 – with stand

Risesoon CAL50A359P04 XG5835 China Airlines A350-900 60th Anniversary – registration B-18906 (!) – with stand

Risesoon Qatar Cargo 777F – registration A7-BFM (or Gemini?)

Sky500 Hainan 767 golden – registration B-2490

Unknown manufacturer Air New Zealand 777-300ER All Blacks (mould looks like 777-200)

(picture posted at https://hk.auctions.yahoo.com/hk by candyhk2)

Still looking for those 1/500 Herpa samples:

If you have any of those for sale or trade please let me know:-) Thank you!

Herpa Sample Ju 52 Coca-Cola  

(picture posted at www.wings900.com by UweP)

Herpa Sample JAL Disney Sea 747-400  

Herpa Sample Delta Olympic 2002 Salt Lake City 757