Herpa – new releases 05/06 2024

532617-001 Iberia A350-900 – registration EC-NIS “Talento a Bordo”

532877-001 Swiss International Air Lines A220-300 – registration HB-JCU “Davos”

535991-001 Air France A220-300 – registration F-HZUM “Bayeux”

537506 Kuehne+Nagel (Atlas Air) 747-8F – registration N862GT “Inspire”

537551 Braniff International 727-200 – Solid Red – registration N401BN – “727 – 60 Years“

537599 JAT – Jugoslav Airlines 727-200 – registration YU-AKJ – “727 – 60 Years“

537605 Air France 727-200 – registration F-BPJO – “727 – 60 Years“

537612 Hawaiian Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner – registration N780HA “Kapuahi”

537643 Alaska Airlines 737-800 „Xáat Kwáani (Salmon People)“ – registration N559AS

537650 Edelweiss Air A320 „Help Alliance“ – registration HB-JLT

537742 Air Canada Jetz A320 – registration C-FNVV

537759 KLM 767-300 – registration PH-BZC “Brooklyn Bridge”

537773 KLM 777-300ER „Orange Pride“ – new version 2023 – registration PH-BVA “Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe”

(pictures www.herpa.de)

Herpa – once again – some older samples

511759 DAS Air Cargo 707-300C – registration 5X-JEF – sample on left hand with different registration 5N-ARQ – sample without registration printed on right wing, without cockpit frames and without belly logo – shorter antenna on sample, but I’m afraid it’s only the front part that’s broken off

511759 DAS Air Cargo 707-300C – registration 5X-JEF – third version (in the background) with white instead of silver antenna on tail – otherwise model and box identical to collection release

511227 United Express ERJ-170 – registration N650RW – sample on left hand
Sample with smaller Star Alliance logo, without darkened engine intakes, without belly logo

Herpa – 533461 Zeppelin „Europa-Park“ re-release

533461 Zeppelin NT „Europa-Park“ – registration D-LZFN – model unchanged

Box with modified back (recycling instructions, incorrect representation of the units in the volume information) and added sunlight information on the flap (new box on top).

Crosswing – some more news

Crosswing SFJ5005 Starflyer A320neo – registration JA28MC – available now with two different boxes

(picture www.crosswing.co.jp)

Next Crosswing releases will be:

Skymark 737-800 – registration JA73AA – Sakura outer & inner winglets
Skymark 737-800 – registration JA73NF – Heart outer & inner winglets

(information posted by elite_lima at www.wings900.com)

Herpa – once again – some more samples

514309 DC-10-30 Africa One (part of set with Spantax DC-10-30) – registration 5X-ONE – sample on left hand
Sample with Classic Wing mould, with white outlet on third engine, with different cockpit windows, without belly logo

503013 Ansett Australia 727-200 – registration VH-ANA – sample on left hand
Sample with different nose painting, with silver intakes, without window frames, without markings on wings, without belly logo

509978 SAS A319-100 60th anniversary retro livery – registration OY-KBO – sample on left hand
Sample with bigger front tires, without registration under the left wing, without belly logo

Herpa – once again – some more samples

502535 Mars Cargo 747-200F – sample on left hand
Sample with passenger windows, without flags on tail, without belly logo

514422 KLM Cargo 747-400ERF – registration PH-CKB – sample on left hand
Sample with different colors on the underside of the wings, logo under the nose and registration under the right wing have a different size, without belly logo

514903 KLM A330-200 – registration PH-AOA – sample on left hand
Sample with different registration PH-BUS, with different colors on the underside of the wings, with hole in the fuselage for display stand, KLM logos on the fuselage and on the engines have a different size, KLM/Northwest logos instead of Skyteam logos behind the cockpit windows, without belly logo, without registration under the wing – and unfortunately with yellowed engines and tail 😉

Herpa – some more samples

513333 (part of Christmas 2002 Edition II) Ryanair 737-200 Eiercell livery – registration EI-CJD – sample on left hand
Sample with Classic Wing mould, with grey stabilizers, without registration, without belly logo

505918 KLM 737-900 – registration PH-BXR – sample on left hand
Sample without registration under the wing, without belly logo

505291 TNT 747-400F „open nose“ – registration OO-THA – sample on left hand – 5Stars FS0483TN in the background

505291 TNT 747-400F „open nose“ – registration OO-THA – sample on left hand
Sample with completely different color distribution orange/white/black on the fuselage, with different winglets, without belly logo, without registration under the wing – and unfortunately with yellowed engines 😉

Herpa – Toy Fair News from Nuremberg – update

For once, I won’t be at the toy fair in Nuremberg this year! News so far:

Two toy fair models will be offered on the „Open Day“ (Saturday 3rd of February)

537407 Condor A330-900 „Beach“

537100 Ecuatoriana 707-300 „Pajaro de Sol“

(pictures www.herpa.de)

Other known information besides the 03/04 novelties and the two „toy fair“ models:
– new 757-300 fuselage (e.g. for Condor, Icelandair and United Airlines models) is in progress

– at least two Braniff 727-200 in „solid“ colors will be released (turquoise and red samples shown at the Toy Fair)

– Braniff Concorde with nose down (sample shown at the Toy Fair)

– one or two further new moulds in 2024

(pictures mikanews.de from YouTube-Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdXlV27P_oQ – thank you Michael)

Herpa – new releases 03/04 2024

529136-003 Swiss International Air Lines 777-300ER – registration HB-JNK „Luzern“

532839-002 Air France Concorde – nose down – registration F-BVFA „Charles Lindbergh“

534284-002 Airbus Industrie BelugaXL XL#6 – registration F-GXLO

535618-001 Air France 777-300ER – registration F-GZNF „Dunkerque“

537261 Maersk Air Cargo 767-300F – registration OY-SYA

537292 Alaska Airlines 727-100 – Totem Pole – registration N797AS

537360 Boeing Fleet 747LCF Dreamlifter – new mould – registration N718BA

537377 Air Canada 767-200 – registration C-GAUB

537414 Royal Air Force A330MRTT Voyager – registration ZZ336 „Vespina“

537421 Spirit Airlines A320neo – registration N925NK

537490 Lufthansa A321neo – 600th Airbus – registration D-AIEQ „Münster“

537513 South Korea Government 747-8 BBJ – registration 22001

537520 Turkey Government 747-8 BBJ – registration TC-TRK

537582 ITA Airways A220-300 – registration EI-HHM „Alessandro Mazzola“

537629 MIAT Mongolian 787-9 – registration JU-1789 „Khabul Khan“

537636 Air Canada 777-300ER – registration C-FIVX

537667 CSA A320-200 – 100 Years – registration OK-IOO

(pictures www.herpa.de)

Herpa – new releases 01/02 2024

526777-005 Antonov Airlines AN-124 – registration UR-82008 “Be brave like Okhtyrka”

537223 Virgin Atlantic A330-900neo – registration G-VJAZ “Billie Holiday”

537254 Level A330-200 – registration EC-MOU

537278 Delta Air Lines 727-100 – registration N1635 (727 – 60 Years)

537285 Pan Am 727-100 – registration N340PA “Clipper Düsendroschke” (727 – 60 Years)

537346 LATAM Airlines Brasil 777-300ER – registration PT-MUF

537391 Air New Zealand A321neo „Star Alliance“ – registration ZK-OYB

537452 United States Air Force C-130J-30 Super Hercules – 37th Airlift Squadron, Ramstein Air Base – registration 07-8608

537483 Turkish Airlines 737 Max 9 – registration TC-LYB “Akçaabat”

(pictures www.herpa.de)

ANA Trading – FLYING HONU A380-800 re-releases

Coming soon (March/May 2024) – ANA A380-800 FLYING TO HONU re-releases – as far as I know same ABS/resine models as in 2019/2020, but new packaging!

NH50091 ANA A380-800 FLYING HONU blue JA381A (previous edition was NH50063)

NH50092 ANA A380-800 FLYING HONU Emerald Green JA382A (previous edition was NH50078)

NH50093 ANA A380-800 FLYING HONU Sunset Orange JA383A (previous edition was NH50081)

(pictures crosswing.co.jp)

Herpa – News from Dietenhofen

Unfortunately, the Wings models originally scheduled for delivery in November did not arrive on time (including the Christmas model). We plan to deliver these models promptly in the first week of December.

Best regards from Dietenhofen

Your Herpa team

Herpa – one more sample

527576 Kulula 737-800 „This Way Up“ – registration ZS-ZWO – sample on right hand

527576 Kulula 737-800 „This Way Up“ – registration ZS-ZWO – sample without hole for display stand

527576 Kulula 737-800 „This Way Up“ – registration ZS-ZWO – green color of the sample is a bit darker

2. CGN-Convention Wings & More 21.10.2023 – in 2 days it’s time

(for english text scroll down)

2. CGN-Convention in der Motorworld Köln – nur noch 2 Tage!

Patches, Bücher & Safety Cards, Dioramen & Zubehör – auch das und vieles mehr findest Du neben Flugzeugmodellen übermorgen in der Motorworld Köln!

Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch am Samstag!

Peter, Markus & Mike


2nd CGN-Convention at Motorworld Cologne – only 2 days left!

Patches, books & safety cards, dioramas & accessories – this and much more you will find next to aircraft models the day after tomorrow in the Motorworld Cologne!

We are looking forward to your visit on Saturday!

Peter, Markus & Mike

2. CGN-Convention Wings & More 21.10.2023 – in 3 days it’s time

(for english text scroll down)

2. CGN-Convention in der Motorworld Köln – nur noch 3 Tage!

Neben Flugzeugmodellen in 1:500 findest Du bei uns auch eine große Auswahl von Flugzeugmodellen in anderen Maßstäben – von 1:100 bis 1:1000. Ein Schwerpunkt dabei sind natürlich Modelle im Maßstab 1:200!

Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch am Samstag!

Peter, Markus & Mike


2nd CGN-Convention at Motorworld Cologne – only 3 days left!

In addition to aircraft models in 1:500, you will also find a large selection of aircraft models in other scales – from 1:100 to 1:1000. Of course, one focus is on models in 1:200 scale!

We are looking forward to your visit on Saturday!

Peter, Markus & Mike

Herpa – new releases 11/12 2023

537117 Fiji 737 MAX 8 – registration DQ-FAB „Island of Kadavu“

537131 Arajet 737 MAX 8 – registration HI1078 „Los Tres Ojos“

537193 Emirates A380-800 – new colors – registration A6-EOG

537216 Lufthansa A330-300 Fanhansa – Diversity Wins – registration D-AIKQ

537230 Turkish Airlines A350-900 „400th Aircraft“ – registration TC-LGH „Tek Yürek“

537247 Aerolíneas Argentinas A330-200 – Selección de Argentina – registration LV-FVH

537315 Cubana de Aviación IL-62M – registration CU-T1218       

537322 LOT Polish Airlines IL-62M – registration SP-LBB „Ignacy Paderewski“

537339 Austrian Airlines 777-200 – registration OE-LPA „Sound of Music“

537353 United Airlines 777-200 – registration N69020

537384 Qatar Airways 737 MAX 8 – registration A7-BSC

537438 Luftwaffe C-130J-30 Super Hercules – Binational Air Transport Squadron – registration 55+01 – new features 6-blade propellers and inflight-refueling probe

537445 Royal Air Force C-130J Super Hercules – 47 Squadron – 50th Anniversary Hercules – registration ZH883 – new features 6-blade propellers and inflight-refueling probe

537469 Copa Airlines 737 MAX 9 – registration HP-9916CMP

537476 Icelandair 737 MAX 9 – magenta tail stripe – registration TF-ICD „Baula“

(pictures www.herpa.de)

2. CGN-Convention Wings & More 21.10.2023 – in 5 days it’s time

(for english text scroll down)

2. CGN-Convention in der Motorworld Köln – nur noch 5 Tage!

Du sammelst Flugzeug-Modelle in 1:500 und bist auf der Suche nach brandaktuellen Neuheiten oder älteren Raritäten? Oder Du hast Fragen an Herpa? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig. Mehrere Aussteller bieten Dir eine große Auswahl Deiner Lieblingsmodelle, und ein Mitarbeiter von Herpa steht für Fragen, Anregungen oder einfach nur Small Talk zur Verfügung!

Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch am Samstag!

Peter, Markus & Mike


2nd CGN-Convention at Motorworld Cologne – only 5 days left!

You collect aircraft models in 1:500 and are looking for brand-new novelties or older rarities? Or you have questions for Herpa? Then this is the right place for you. Several exhibitors will offer you a large selection of your favorite models, and a Herpa employee will be available for questions, suggestions or just small talk!

We are looking forward to your visit on Saturday!

Peter, Markus & Mike

Herpa – Accessories re-releases

521031 Jetways

Modified box (re-release on left hand) – missing „Faltschachtel“ logo (white symbol in the red part) and missing „Herpa Miniaturmodelle“ lettering

519472 Airport Accessories I – missing „Scenix Series“ lettering on front of the box

Frankfurt Aviation Collectibles Fair 

(for english text scroll down)

Ein Teil des CGN-Teams auf dem Weg nach Hofheim zur Frankfurt Aviation Collectibles Fair!

Wir freuen uns auf Euch morgen in Hofheim – und Samstag in 14 Tagen in der Motorworld Köln zur 2. CGN-Convention!

Apropos CGN! Eigentlich ist es ja schon unsere 17. Convention – 15 in Mönchengladbach und jetzt zum zweiten Mal in Köln. Zum ersten Mal allerdings wird es bei uns eine Verlosung von Wings-Modellen etc. geben! Lose für 1 € gibt es vor Ort! Also kommt vorbei und besucht uns in der grandiosen Location der Motorworld!

Habt ein schönes Wochenende

Peter, Markus & Mike


Part of the CGN team on the way to Hofheim for the Frankfurt Aviation Collectibles Fair!

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in Hofheim – and Saturday in 14 days at Motorworld Cologne for the 2nd CGN Convention!

Apropos CGN! Actually it is already our 17th convention – 15 in Mönchengladbach and now for the second time in Cologne. But for the first time there will be a draw for Wings models etc.! Tickets for 1 € are available on site! So come and visit us in the great location of the Motorworld!

Have a nice weekend

Peter, Markus & Mike

2. CGN-Convention Wings & More 21.10.2023 – coming soon

(for english text scroll down)

Hallo an alle Freunde der CGN-Convention!

In etwas mehr als zwei Wochen startet die 2. CGN-Convention in der Motorworld Köln!

Die neue Location hat bei der 1. CGN-Convention für überwiegend positive Resonanz gesorgt! Wir freuen uns daher zusammen mit dem Team der Motorworld Köln auf die zweite Auflage im Oktober an gleicher Stelle!

Die Organisation und Durchführung der CGN-Convention ist nur sinvoll und leistbar bei genügend Interesse, d.h. bei entsprechendem Zuspruch durch Aussteller und Besucher!

Apropos Aussteller: einige Tische sind noch verfügbar! Falls Interesse an einer Reservierung besteht, findet ihr weiter unten die entsprechenden Details. Hier nur noch einmal der Hinweis, dass sich die Tischgröße gegenüber der 1. Convention geändert hat!

Alle Infos für Aussteller und Besucher findet ihr hier

Wir freuen uns auf Eure Teilnahme im Oktober in Köln!


Peter, Markus & Mike


Hello to all friends of the CGN-Convention!

In a little more than two weeks the 2nd CGN-Convention will start in the Motorworld Cologne!

The new location has caused a predominantly positive response at the 1st CGN-Convention!

Therefore, together with the team of Motorworld Cologne, we are looking forward to the second edition in October at the same location!

The organization and realization of the CGN-Convention is only sensible and affordable if there is sufficient interest, i.e. if there is a corresponding response from exhibitors and visitors!

Speaking of exhibitors: some tables are still available! If you are interested in a reservation, you will find the details below. Just a reminder that the table size has changed compared to the 1st convention!

All information for exhibitors and visitors can be found here

We are looking forward to your participation in October in Cologne!

Best regards

Peter, Markus & Mike

Turkish Airlines – some more releases

Some other models from Turkish Airlines – not necessarily new, but not mentioned here yet.


Turkish Airlines 777-300ER EuroLeague – no gear – display stand red-brown/chrome – no registration – light grey box with EuroLeague logo


Turkish Airlines A350-900 – no gear – display stand red-brown/chrome – no registration – red box without window and without picture of the airplane


Turkish Cargo 777F – no gear – display stand red-brown/chrome – registration TC-LJM – red box without window and without picture of the airplane

(pictures Turkish Cargo posted at www.ebay.de by boody10)

Herpa – „Modell Hobby Spiel Leipzig“ special release – available soon – update

526777-004 – special model of the Antonov 124, the wide-body aircraft is a regular guest at Leipzig Airport. Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian aircraft have borne the names of „particularly fortified cities“. The trade show model not only has a different registration (UR-82072) than the commercial model, it also bears a different city name „ВE BRAVE LIKE KHERSON“ .

Modell Hobby Spiel Leipzig

(information and picture www.herpa.de)

Juneyao Airlines – new releases

Two new 787-9 Dreamliner models are available from Juneyao Airlines – a little bit „toy“ quality like the recent Turkish Airlines releases

Juneyao Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner Chinese Peony livery – registration B-1115

Juneyao Airlines 787-9 Dreamliner Silk Ribbon livery – registration B-207N

(pictures mall.juneyaoair.com resp. posted by tom19830166 on www.ebay.co.uk)

Both models can be found in the Juneyao online store as well as on eBay

Thank you Federico for the first hint 🙂

Herpa – new releases 09/10 2023

536851 Lufthansa A340-300 „Star Alliance“ – registration D-AIGW „Gladbeck“

536912 RAF E-3D Sentry AEW.1 – No. 8 Squadron – RAF Waddington – Operation Shader RAF Akrotiri – registration ZH101 – new mould

536967 Air Greenland A330-800 – registration OY-GKN „Tuukkaq“

536981 Eurowings A320-200 „BVB Fanairbus“ – registration D-AEWM

537032 DHL Aviation 777F – registration D-AALT

537063 UPS Airlines 747-100F – registration N673UP

537070 Delta Air Lines MD-11 – registration N806DE

537087 Swissair MD-11 „Qualiflyer“ – registration HB-IWB „Graubünden“

537124 Corendon Airlines 737 Max 8 – registration TC-MKS

537148 Qantas A330-200 „Pride is in the Air“ – registration VH-EBL „Whitsundays“

537155 Lufthansa A320neo „Lovehansa“ – registration D-AINY „Lingen“

537162 American Airlines A321-200 – Medal of Honor – registration N167AN „Flagship Valor“

537209 Christmas 2023 E-3D Sentry – registration „Dancer“ – new mould

537308 Rada Airlines IL-62MF – registration EW-450TR

(pictures www.herpa.de)

Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F – known releases

Since 2016, (at least) four different versions of the Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F have been produced (all mentioned here before).

Herpa 529884 Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F – registration A7-AFY


Risesoon QTR50A332F01 Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F – registration A7-AFF – with metal stand (silver)


Risesoon QTR50A332F01 Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F – registration A7-AFJ – with metal stand (gold)


Gemini (?) Qatar Airways Cargo A330-200F – registration A7-AFJ – with chromed stand (with Gemini logo)

Herpa release (on left hand) vs. Gemini release (on right hand)

Gemini release (on left hand) vs. Risesoon releases (on right hand – top A7-AFF, bottom A7-AFJ)

Any further information welcome 🙂

Herpa – the very last WingsClub models – now available

535694 Casino Express 737-200 – WingsClub Edition 1/22 – „King of Diamonds“ – registration N456TM

535700 Casino Express 737-200 – WingsClub Edition 2/22 – „Queen of Hearts“ – registration  N457TM

536707 Condor A321-200 – Wings Club Edition 9/22 – „Sea“ livery – with sharklets – registration D-ATCF

536813 People Express 747-100 – WingsClub Edition 12/22 – registration N603PE – antenna on the right wing is unfortunately broken off 😉

2. CGN-Convention Wings & More 21.10.2023

(for english text scroll down)

Hallo an alle Freunde der CGN-Convention!

Am 21.10.2023 wird die CGN-Convention zum zweiten Mal auf dem Gelände der MOTORWORLD Köln Rheinland am Butzweilerhof in Köln stattfinden.

Der Butzweilerhof liegt im Nordwesten von Köln verkehrsgünstig in der Nähe der Autobahnen A1 und A57 (Ausfahrt 28 im Kreuz Köln-Nord) und ist mit dem ÖPNV (U5) vom Hauptbahnhof Köln gut zu erreichen.

 (pictures https://event.motorworld.de

Hier zusammengefasst alle Details für die nächste Veranstaltung:

2. CGN-Convention Wings & More

Samstag 21.10.2023 10 – 16 Uhr

Motorworld Köln Rheinland

Historische Empfangshalle und Airport Lounge

Butzweilerstraße 35-39

50829 Köln

Adresse für das Navigationsgerät:


50829 Köln

Google Maps Plus-Code:

XVJW+5P Köln


4 € – Kinder unter 12 Jahren haben freien Eintritt

Parkmöglichkeiten in der Umgebung vorhanden, u.a.

Motorworld Parkplatz P1 (direkt vor der Location):

1 Stunde frei, dann 1,50 € pro Stunde. Zugang Motorworld ist gratis.


V8 Hotel Köln @Motorworld (direkt in der Location)

Im V8 Hotel haben wir ein Kontingent zu Sonderkonditionen reserviert:

EZ inkl. Frühstück 146,50 €

DZ inkl. Frühstück 175,50 €

Buchung per Mail info@v8hotel.koeln mit Kennwort „2. CGN-Convention“

Gastronomie (direkt in der Location):

Moto Foodgarage

Abacco’s Steakhouse

Ahoi Steffen Henssler

El Carrito 

ÖPNV-Anbindung vom HBf Köln:

U5 bis Haltestelle „Köln Ossendorf Alter Flughafen Butzweilerhof“ oder

U5 bis Haltestelle „Köln Ossendorf Ikea am Butzweilerhof“

Fahrzeit < 30 Minuten

weitere Infos für Aussteller:


Wer einen oder mehrere Tische reservieren möchte, kann uns dies gerne per Mail an info@cgn-convention.de mitteilen.

Aufgrund von Kostenerhöhungen müssen auch wir leider die Preise für die Tischmiete erhöhen.

Tischgröße und Tischmiete:

120 * 70 cm = 25 €


Freitag 17:00 Uhr – 19:45 Uhr (nur für Tische in der Historischen Empfangshalle)

Samstag 7:00 Uhr – 9:30 Uhr (für alle Tische)

Da die Airport Lounge über Nacht nicht abgeschlossen werden kann (Notausgänge), ist dort der Aufbau nur am Samstag möglich. Wenn Aufbau am Freitag gewünscht wird, bitte explizit bei der Reservierung darauf hinweisen, damit wir die Verfügbarkeit von Tischen in der Historischen Empfangshalle entsprechend prüfen können. Es gilt das Prinzip: „first come – first served“


je Aussteller freier Eintritt für 2 Personen pro Buchung

Parkmöglichkeit für Aussteller:

Motorworld Parkplatz P1 (direkt vor der Location)

ermäßigtes Tagesticket 10 € erhältlich – bitte bei Bedarf bei der Tischreservierung mitbestellen 

Internet / WLAN:

kostenfrei verfügbar

Wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch am 21.10.2023 zwischen 10 und 16 Uhr am historischen Flughafen am Butzweilerhof in Köln-Ossendorf!

Viele Grüße und bis Oktober

CGN-Convention Team

Markus, Mike & Peter


2nd CGN-Convention Wings & More, October 21st, 2023

Hello CGN-Convention friends!

We are happy to announce the commencement of the 2nd CGN-Convention, which will, again, take place at MOTORWORLD Köln Rheinland on the site of the historic airport at Butzweilerhof in Cologne! 

The Butzweilerhof is located in the northwest of Cologne, conveniently close to the A1 and A57 motorways (exit 28 at the Köln-Nord junction) and is easy to reach by public transport (U5) from Cologne main station.

 (pictures https://event.motorworld.de

Here is a summary of all the details for the next event:

2nd CGN-Convention Wings & More

Saturday, October 21st 10am – 4pm

Motorworld Köln Rheinland

Historical Airport Lobby and Airport Lounge

Butzweilerstr. 35-39

50829 Cologne

GPS Adress:


50829 Cologne

Google Maps Plus-Code:

 (pictures https://event.motorworld.de

XVJW+5P Köln

Admissions Fee:

4 € – Children under 12 have free admissions

Parking available in the area, e.g.

Motorworld parking lot P1 (directly in front of the location):

1 hour free, then €1.50 per hour. Access to Motorworld is free.

Internet / WLAN:

available free of charge  

Accomodations available at V8 Hotel Köln @Motorworld (inside location)

We do hold a limited number of rooms at a discounted price

Single occupancy, incl. breakfast EUR 146.50 / night

Double occupancy, incl. breakfast EUR 175.50/ night

You can book your room via email under info@v8hotel.koeln.

Please use the discount code ‘2. CGN-Convention’

Restaurants (inside Location):

Moto Foodgarage

Abacco’s Steakhouse

Ahoi Steffen Henssler

El Carrito

Public transport from Cologne Main Station:

U5 to station „Köln Ossendorf Alter Flughafen Butzweilerhof“ or

U5 to station „Köln Ossendorf Ikea am Butzweilerhof“

Trip duration < 30 minutes

Additional exhibitor information:


If you would like to reserve one or more tables, please send us an email to info@cgn-convention.de.

Regretfully, due to the ongoing increase in costs, we also had to adjust our pricing, accordingly.

Table size and table rental fees:

120 * 70 cm = 25 €

Set up times:

Friday, 17:00hr – 19:45hr (only available for tables located in the historic arrivals hall)

Saturday, 07:00hr- 09:30hr (available for all)

As the airport lounge remains unlocked overnight (due to emergency exit regulations), we can offer a set up for that location on Saturday, only.

If you prefer to set up on Friday, please specify that request at the time of reservation so we can check for availability of tables in the historic arrivals hall, accordingly. This will be handled on a first come – first served basis only!

Entry fee:

per exhibitor free entry for 2 people

Parking for exhibitors:

Motorworld parking lot P1 (directly in front of the location)

Reduced day ticket available for €10 – please order your parking tickets at the time of your table reservations

We look forward to your visit on October 21st, 2023 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the historic airport at Butzweilerhof in Cologne-Ossendorf!

Best regards and see you in October

Your CGN-Convention Team

Markus, Mike & Peter

Herpa – change of registration

537094 UPS MD-11F – change of registration: „N265UP“ becomes „N275UP“

The reason is the use of different engines. The „265“ flies with General Electric engines, the new „275“ with Pratt & Whitney. Except for the one digit, the paint scheme remains unchanged. 

(information www.herpa.de)

F-Toys JAL Wing Collection 7

Coming soon – set with 7 JAL aircrafts – plastic models with stand

A350-900 – green lettering on fuselage

A350-900 – red lettering on fuselage

A350-900 – silver lettering on fuselage

767-300 old livery

767-300 old livery

767-300 old livery

767-300 current livery

(pictures www.amiami.com)

PPC – Fridge magnets

Some fridge magnets from PPC – not officially marked as 1:500, but the size fits.

PPC 708070 Emirates A380-800 – fridge magnet – no gear – plastic model – no registration (also available in box with gray top)

PPC 120673 Emirates A380-800 Expo 2020 – fridge magnet – no gear – plastic model – no registration

PPC 259458 Emirates 777-300ER – fridge magnet – no gear – plastic model – no registration

PPC 220259 KLM 747-400 – fridge magnet – no gear – plastic model – registration PH-BFJ

PPC Singapore Airlines A380-800 – fridge magnet – no gear – plastic model

(SIA pictures posted by @jasheng2013 at https://www.carousell.sg/ )

Herpa – some more samples

Air Switzerland A340-300 – no registration, no belly logo, sample produced in 2002, never produced in series

Kulula Airlines MD-82 – registration ZS-OBK, no belly logo, sample produced in 2007, never produced in series

Herpa Summer Party Dietenhofen 8th of July 2023

The last on-site summer party in Dietenhofen took place in 2019. After three Corona-related cancellations and digital replacements, it was finally time again on Saturday. Pure sunshine, thousands of Herpa fans, a dedicated Herpa team, interviews and actions, a lot of show trucks and good catering were the time-tested setting for a successful day.

As always, the Wings collectors were of course in the minority. But they were very well looked after by the Wings product management.

Besides the SIA special model 529051-001 A350-900 9V-SJD (already mentioned here), there was the possibility to buy samples, which were never produced as a regular model (a few pictures will follow later) as well as „normal“ samples.

And in the store and in the museum some upcoming novelties were also „hidden“.

Royal Air Force E-3D – registration ZH101

Emirates A380-800 – registration A6-E00 – new color

Virgin Atlantic A330-900 – registration G-VJAZ – more Virgin Atlantic releases will follow

Eurowings A320-200 „BVB fanairbus“ – registration D-AEWM

Boeing House Color 747LCF Dreamlifter – registration N718BA

Starlux A350-900 – registration B-58501 (exclusive release for the airline)

Lufthansa A320neo Lovehansa

(Lovehansa picture posted by D-ABYT at www.wings900.com)

Talking to the product management, there were further hints about future models.

These models will „definitely“ be produced:

  • Alaska Airlines 737-800 “Salmon People”
  • Delta Air Lines A321neo
  • Icelandair 737 MAX 9
  • Turkish Airlines A350-900 „400th Aircraft“
  • United Airlines A321neo

These models are likely to be produced:

  • Delta Air Lines A220-300
  • Frontier A321neo
  • Spirit A320neo
  • Turkish Airlines A321neo black mask
  • United Airlines 777-200 new color
  • WestJet 737 MAX 8

(information posted originally by D-ABYT at www.wings900.com)

Thank you Herpa for the wonderful day!

Herpa – new releases 07/08 2023

536950 Air France A330-200 (new colors) – registration F-GZCE “Colmar”

530859-002 Delta Air Lines A350-900 “The Delta Spirit” – registration N502DN

536905 Emirates A380-800 “Destination Dubai” – registration A6-EOT

536929 Azul ATR-72-600 “Brazilian Flag livery” – registration PR-AKO “Titograd” (cockpit windows will be modified)

536974 ITA Airways A350-900 – registration EI-IFB “Marcello Lippi”

536936 Binter Canarias ATR-72-600 – registration EC-NGG “Mojo Picón” (cockpit windows will be modified)

537056 KLM 777-200 – registration PH-BQA “Albert Plesman”

535946-001 Lufthansa 787-9 Dreamliner – registration D-ABPD “Frankfurt”

533072-001 Lufthansa A380-800 – registration D-AIMK “Düsseldorf” (also available for sale on board – but according to Herpa no differences in model or box)

537049 Hawaiian Airlines A321neo – registration N215HA “Uhiuhi”

536882 Morocco Government 747-8 BBJ – registration CN-MBH

536325-001 LOT Polish Airlines E195 – registration SP-LNM (livery will be modified)

537094 UPS Airlines MD-11F (updated livery) – registration N265UP

536943 Wizz Air A320-200 – registration HA-LSA

Maersk models in 1:500 in planning

(pictures www.herpa.de)

From FrontPage (1999) to WordPress (2023)

For almost 25 years I have used FrontPage as the basis for this website. But now – with change to Windows 11 – it’s really time for new technology.

Therefore I will move this website piece by piece to WordPress. It will surely take its time – and some rather static areas might not be moved as well, but only linked.

Until then – as far as still necessary – the contents of the old website are available via the menu at the top of this homepage.

Happy Collecting


Herpa – new releases 05/06 2023

531283-001 Lufthansa 747-8I – registration D-ABYC

536776 Condor A321-200 „Sunshine“ – registration D-AIAD

536844 Egyptair 787-9 – registration SU-GEU

536868 Vistara 787-9 – registration VT-TSD

536875 ITA Airways A220-300 „Born to be Sustainable“ – registration EI-HHJ

536899 Qatar Amiri Flight 747-8 BBJ – registration A7-HBJ

536998 KLM DC-6B – registration PH-DFH

537001 United States Air Force DC-6B / VC-118A „Air Force One“ – registration 53-3240

537018 Aviogenex TU-134A – registration YU-AJA

537025 LOT TU-134A – registration SP-LHG

(pictures www.herpa.de)

Herpa – some older samples

505642 Lauda Air 737-600 – registration OE-LNM „Tirol“ – released 2005 – sample on right hand

Sample with different (brighter) tail color and without belly logo

Sample without dark engine intakes

532686 Thai AirAsia A320-200 – registration HS-ABD – released 2018 – sample on right hand


different colors on fuselage

sample without positioning lights and with different printing on wings

Turkish Airlines


Another version of Turkish Airlines A330-300 TC-JNH „Topkapi“

New version on left hand – no gear – with brown/chromed display stand

More releases to come …

(information Murat Eti – Thank you :-))

1. CGN-Convention Wings & More

Motorworld Cologne

Sleep one more time!

Now it’s officially less than 24 hours until the 1. CGN Convention opens. For many exhibitors, the construction starts this afternoon, we are looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Herpa – Inlays

In the early days of the Wings, Herpa initially used black inlays with transparent covers. Inside the inlay, foam-like plastic foil was used to protect the models.

Later, transparent inlays with transparent lids were introduced and are still used today. Inside the inlay, transparent plastic foil is used to protect the models.

In 2022/23, isolated models had inlays in varying shades of blue (e.g. 536226 SAS 737-700). This is due to the increased use of recycled material, but is to be avoided in the future.

Herpa – some more news from Dietenhofen

The new digital HerpaClub:

One reason for discontinuing the WingsClub as early as the end of 2022 was a change in the legal framework! Unfortunately, however, the development and realization of the new digital concept took longer. This explains the time gap between the old WingsClub and the new digital HerpaClub!

The new concept:

The WingsWorld will be made available digitally to all collectors free of charge on the Herpa website. New reports will be posted on an ongoing basis.

The new HerpaClub will be an online club without membership fees.

There will still be exclusive club models.

Novelty brochures will continue to be sent to former WingsClub members by mail.

There will be three statuses for members – Bronze – Silver – Gold – with different discount levels when purchasing in the Herpa store (online only). Former WingsClub members will receive Gold status (including 10% discount in the online store) at the start of the new club.

The new Herpa website will be bilingual (German/English), will have revised search and filter functions, among other things, and will include a product archive.


Some more model news:

Airbus A330 MRTT will also be released as RAF Voyager

Boeing 737 MAX 10 will be released

The already existing MAX versions are lowered by 0.35 – 0.4 mm

Models of Wizzair (A320-200) and Vistara will appear


AWACS E-3 will still be delivered in 2023 – E-3A Nato/USA – E-3D (GB) – E-3F (France)




Dreamlifter will also be delivered in 2023 – with metal fuselage and separate tail section made of plastic, which can be attached in closed or open position.


Lufthansa A330-300 in Fanhansa / Diversity Wins livery will also be released in 1:500 (picture shows 1:200 model)

More LOT models – including historical ones – will be released